Collages anti-aging face serum

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  • Stabilizes the skin barrier
  • Reduces wrinkles, smoothes and tightened
  • Stimulates the skin's cell renewal
  • Suitable for normal, greasy or combination skin
  • Improves the moisture storage of the skin
  • Regenerates the teat of the skin
  • Lets the skin shine

Product description:Nature4Body collagen serum was formulated so that it can easily be absorbed by the skin. It contains a variety of skin -friendly nutrients. Enriched with pure silk collages. Maulberry -skirting extract, protein, amino acids and other ingredients.

The anti-aging serum of Nature4Body protects and revitalizes your skin. If collagen production increases, the skin structure improves in the shortest possible time and stimulates skin cells that slow down all symptoms of aging and restore the lost collagen in large quantities.

Application:After cleaning, wear a certain amount on your face every morning and evening and massage it gently until it is completely absorbed. Use every day and then treat with another skin care. Apply to every skin type.

Danger:Only for external use. Avoid eye contact. Please end the use immediately if you have complaints. Store in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight.

Ingredients:Water ° butylene glycol ° glycerin ° Collages ° portulaca Grandiflora Extract ° Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) extract ° carnosine ° sodium hyaluronate ° bea-glucan ° panthenol ° alto ferment lysate lysate lysate lysate lysate ( Aloe vera) Leaf juice ° betaine ° niacinamide ° xanthan gum ° Agar ° Caprylhydroxamic acid ° glyceryl caprylate ° pentylene glycol ° hydroxyacetophenone °.

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